Međunarodni marketing

Semestar: 4
Broj ECTS kredita: 8
Obavezan: Da
Fond časova: 4P+2V
Modul: Softversko inženjerstvo
International Marketing is an introduction to the field of Marketing and its application in the global arena. For the student who plans a more advanced study in Marketing, this course will provide a firm foundation for further exploration. For the student who does not plan additional course work in Marketing, this course will provide an introductory survey to one of the few creative disciplines in the academic examination of Business. In this class we will study consumers, markets, and environments from the perspective of the international marketing manager. We will cover consumer behavior, marketing research, product management, and channels of distribution, pricing, advertising, and personal selling. If you would like to have a career making decisions in any of these areas- this class is for you.

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